Voted among San Diego’s Top Bankruptcy Lawyers

Since Bankruptcy Law was first included as a category in the Union Tribune’s annual “San Diego’s Best” readers poll; Attorney Todd A. Warshof, owner and attorney for North Park Bankruptcy (NPBK), has consistency been voted among the top 3 bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego County. We would like to again thank our past, current, and future clients as well as anyone else who has either nominated us and/or has voted for us in prior years.  We will continue to provide our clients with the best in consumer bankrutpcy representation and will strive to remain among San Diego’s favorite debt-relief attorneys.

North Park Bankruptcy
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Superior Legal Services at a Superior Price

North Park Bankruptcy is unique among its kind. Our unique approach and skill comes only after a decade of careful observation and consideration in several diverse legal environments along with years of hard work and of course,  trial and error. We’ve taken from over a decade of extensive, high-volume legal practice in bankruptcy and debt-relief matters and from experiences in large firm management to solo practice and everywhere in-between and from this we’ve developed our own special brand of bankruptcy and debt-relief services.  By combining the very best aspects of various legal styles and environments, we’ve designed our practice to maximize the benefit to our clients while maintaining efficiency in our practice of the law. This process has also allowed us to eliminate many of the negative aspects often found in the legal environment.  Ultimately, this has allowed us to consistently provide our clients with those attributes of legal representation that they value the most.  Best of all, our commitment to efficiency allows us to provide these superior legal services at affordable rates that are not out of reach of those who need us the most.

For over 10 years, Attorney Todd A. Warshof has consistently and continuously sought to expand his knowledge and insight in all aspects of consumer bankruptcy and debt-relief legal practice. By absorbing everything along the way;  from the countless in-depth discussions with fellow lawyers, law firm staff, bankruptcy trustees, and of course, thousands of bankruptcy and debt-relief clients, we have developed a thorough yet balanced perspective which provides us the necessary tools to bring you legal representation of the highest quality and at a reasonable price.


North Park Bankruptcy
4003 Wabash Avenue
San Diego, CA 92104


(619) 315-3848

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We have extensive bankruptcy & debt-relief experience and have represented over 2,500 clients in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases filed throughout California. For over six years; Attorney Todd A. Warshof was among the top filers of consumer bankruptcy cases in San Diego County. This level of experience is unique yet essential to providing the highest quality legal representation possible. Our clients are provided a substantial advantage when retaining us to handle their bankruptcy cases.

Whether you plan to seek relief under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy or if you need assistance determining which is the most appropriate for you; that’s what we do and it’s why we’re here.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with attorney Todd A. Warshof: REQUEST CONSULTATION NOW!


We take pride in our honest, straight-forward approach to providing legal advice and representation in debt-relief matters. We know first hand how important it is to have honest and open communications between attorney and client and how essential it is to effective legal representation to build strong attorney/client relationships.  Furthermore, we understand how these components of the professional relationship promote efficiency. We value these aspects of the legal environment and are dedicated to assisting our clients in reaching their financial goals and being able to do so at the lowest possible cost..


We understand that maintaining consistency throughout each legal matter, especially in our communications with our clients and in our explanations and discussions regarding our client’s cases is absolutely essential to effective and efficient legal representation.  We also know the importance of being available to our clients whenever possible and know how essential attorney accessibility is when it comes to a client’s overall experience in their legal matter, and in helping our client’s to understand how their matters are progressing legally, not to mention in assisting our clients in the management of stress, etc.

Efficiency in legal representation is very contingent upon our ability to maintain consistency and attorney accessibility and based on our experiences; we’ve determined that these interests are best served by limiting our cases to being handled solely by a single experienced bankruptcy attorney. Attorney Todd A. Warshof handles all casework for North Park Bankruptcy and personally attends all client hearings  Clients are able to feel confident that their matters are in good hands and that their interests are always in focus.


North Park Bankruptcy is committed to providing superior legal representation in the most efficient manner possible such that we are in a position to offer our services at competitive rates that are within reach of those who need us the most.  We are able to provide superior legal representation at more favorable rates not as a result of any sacrifice to the quality of our services but rather, because we remain focused on efficiency in every aspect of our operations and as a result, we utilize those savings realized through efficient operations in offering our services at lower cost.


We want San Diego residents to know that they have a debt-relief law firm that they can trust. North Park Bankruptcy and Attorney Todd A. Warshof offer San Diego residents honest and trustworthy legal services of superior quality and offer these services at affordable rates that are within reach of those who need our services the most.  We are committed to building strong attorney/client relationships and in maximizing the efficiency of our operations such that we can continue to provide superior legal services at superior prices.  North Park Bankruptcy is your neighborhood bankruptcy & debt relief law firm.  San Diego residents have consistently voted attorney Todd A. Warshof of North Park Bankruptcy among the top 3 bankruptcy attorneys in the country since “Bankruptcy Law” was added to the Union Tribune’s annual “San Diego’s Best” readers’ poll.

North Park Bankruptcy seeks to continue offering superior legal services at superior prices and accordingly, we depend primarily on client referrals and word of mouth in getting new clients and business.  We choose to minimize marketing costs such that we are in a position to continue to offer our services at more affordable rates.  As such, we wholeheartedly appreciate and thank all of our past and current clients and anyone else who has referred us someone they know who was in need of legal representation and/or advice in consumer debt-related matters.  We are here to help and offer a completely free, no-pressure consultation that almost anyone could benefit from and urge you to give us a call should you think you may need the help of our services any any point now or in the future.


Surprisingly, many firms don’t seem to place as much importance on initial consultations as we do.  We firmly believe that your initial consultation is probably one of, if not the most important components of your entire debt-relief experience. It shocks us that there are firms employing non-attorney sales staff to meet with clients for their initial consultations.  If you find yourself at such a firm, walk out immediately! In fact, it is our professional opinion that you MUST meet with an actual experienced bankruptcy attorney for your initial consultation or you not only put yourself at significant risk but are likely to be given unqualified and often times inaccurate “legal” advice by unlicensed and unqualified staff and that can and does often lead to extremely bad results.


Since initial consultation is your first impression of the law firm you may hire to assist you in your bankruptcy or debt-related matter; it’s not a very good impression to immediately violate the law by having non-attorney staff provide potentially inaccurate “legal” advice without having any authority to do so and which could very well result in you suffering significant monetary damages down the road.


Your initial consultation should be about YOU and what rights you are in a position to take advantage of to better your situation and reach your goals, and to ultimately get out of debt and get a fresh start to try again.  Too many firms have only one thing in mind when they think of initial consultations, and that’s selling you their services.  It may be true that Attorneys don’t make the best sales people and that’s primarily because, by law,attorneys are required to provide truthful and honest  legal advice; regardless of the benefits realized by their firms.  At many firms, Non-attorney sales staff are hired for the sole purpose of selling the firms services and these staff members are not bound to the strict ethical standards of attorneys.  They also are often unaware of the fact that they are often providing improper as well as unlawful “legal” advice to potential clients; advice that can and often does lead to significant issues down the road.


North Park Bankruptcy is committed to providing superior legal services and that starts with your initial consultation.  We guarantee that your initial consultation is with experienced bankruptcy attorney, Todd A. Warshof. With over 10 years of extensive bankruptcy and debt relief experience, he is absolutely qualified to provide you the highest quality, qualified legal advice regarding your debt-relief options.



Attorneys fees vary on a case-by-case basis and are contingent upon several different factors.  These factors include but are not limited to the following:

  • Whether the case is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, or an alternative form of debt-relief
  • Whether the case involves complex facts or gives rise to complex legal issues
  • The anticipated time commitment of the cas
  • Whether the case involves novel areas of law that will likely require additional research
  • Whether there are additional tasks that will be required in order to meet client goals and expectations
  • Whether the facts of the case present a significant challenge in advocating the client’s position


Though our fees vary from case to case; we are able to provide our clients with an exact fee quote once we have had the opportunity to meet with the client for their initial consultation.  Initial consultations may be in person or over the phone, but because every consultation is with an experienced bankruptcy attorney; we are able to accurately assess each client’s case upon conclusion of the initial consultation.  This allows us to provide each prospective client with an actual fee quote that the firm agrees to honor for at least 30 days following the initial consultation. To schedule your free initial consultation, submit your request now!


After successfully handling thousands of different cases over the last decade; we’ve had the opportunity to handle such a diverse group of cases covering a such a wide array of legal issues that rarely do we come across a matter that involves a process or situation that we haven’t successfully handled several times before.  This extensive experience has allowed us to become extremely efficient in our legal representation and this efficiency allows us to provide our top quality legal services at minimal cost, which we pass to our clients through more affordable fees.   We are committed to offering superior legal representation at a superior price, staying within reach of those who need us the most, and doing so without the need to sacrifice the quality of our services.

North Park Bankruptcy truly offers one of the best values  in San Diego.  Experienced, innovative, and aggressive legal representation in bankruptcy and debt relief matters at prices within reach of those who need it the most.



Still contemplating whether to contact us for help?  Click the link below to get additional information regarding our firm, our services, what we can do for you, and why we are your best choice for legal representation in bankruptcy and debt-related matters.






  • 100% Confidential
  • Absolutely free of charge
  • In-Person or by Phone
  • Always with an Experienced Attorney
  • No Pressure/No Obligations
  • No Time Limitations
  • Informative and Educational
  • Get Answers to YOUR questions
  • Get Qualified Legal Advice re: YOUR options
  • Receive a Guaranteed flat rate fee quote


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What makes us different?

As you may notice when looking for legal representation in consumer bankrutpcy and debt relief matters, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of attorneys claiming they can help you. Theoretically, any licensed attorney can legally represent you in a bankruptcy matter and other than the requirements necessary for being a lawyer in the first place such as obtaining a law degree, passing the State Bar Exam, and officially being admitted to practice law in your State; there is nothing prohibiting any licensed attorney in assisting people in bankruptcy cases, and there is no special knowledge or training that a lawyer needs to have to do so.  Simply being a  lawyer is sufficient under the law.  As you can imagine then, the kills and expertise of any particular lawyer or firm is going to vary substantially between having no experience or special education or training in bankrutpcy matters to those atorneys who have lived and breathed bankrutpcy law for the entire careers.

There are several key distinguishing features of North Park Bankruptcy that not only separate us from other consumer debt-relief law firms but which also make us your top choice for consumer bankruptcy & debt relief representation. These include:

1. Experience

Experience is most certainly one of the more significant aspects that sets North Park Bankruptcy apart and above the competition. Attorney Todd A. Warshof, having spent more than half his career handling one of the biggest consumer bankruptcy caseloads in the County; has extensive knowledge, knowhow, and past work experience giving North Park Bankruptcy a means of providing superior legal services to its clients.

Having represented over 2500 individual clients in chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy cases as well as in other debt-related matters outside of bankruptcy, Attorney Warshof has had significant exposure to an extremely diverse group of cases and has real-life, practical experience handling those less frequently seen matters that can often times slow other attorneys down significantly. Furthermore; high volume practice is sometimes managed differently such that bigger risks are sometimes taken by the attorney to see what will fly in the Court’s view and what won’t.  Such an approach often times becomes necessary because of time restraints and an always growing caseload. However, over time, this just leads to a better determination by the attorney handling such cases as to just how far they can go in the interests of the client and how far they can go in advocating a client’s position before major opposition is likely to hit.  This in of itself is a gigantic asset to our clients; as we essentially have a huge head start over a lot of other firms and attorneys and are in fact in a position to be able to advocate our client’s interests not only better but without any need to take such high risks now.

In the high-volume environment of a larger firm that consistently files 40 to 50 or more bankruptcy cases each and every month, year after year; an attorney handling that level of volume is simultaneously obtaining exponentially more practical experience than the typical attorney is likely to get over the same period of time. 4 or 5 years of high-volume bankruptcy representation at the aforementioned levels corresponds more accurately to somewhere along the lines of  15 to 20 years for an attorney handling just an average caseload.

2. Consistency and Attorney Accessibility 

Some of the most frequent complaints that larger firms get from clients stems from issues that arise from miscommunications between attorney, non-attorney staff members, and client; as there is a fine line between what constitutes legal advice and what doesn’t, and in real life interactions between clients and non-attorney staff members of law firms, and in other similar situations; it is fact that miscommunications can be frequent and can also be quite disastrous.  Furthermore; a lot of issues can also arise when the attorney of a firm doesn’t get significantly involved in cases until sometime down the road, sometimes months or even up to a year after the client first came in for their initial consultations.   Clients instead communicate solely with other non-attorney members of the firm and staff during this time. This can often lead to legal issues being overlooked, the timing of a case filing being completely off and potentially unfixable, bad advice being provided to the client which can further lead to even bigger issues down the road.  A lot of things can go wrong if an attorney isn’t by the client’s side from the very beginning to the very end.

There is also significant potential dangers when clients end up meeting with non-attorney staff members of a law firm for what is considered their initial consultation. This is a vital and important stage of the overall process and firms that do not have an experienced attorney meeting with clients from the very start are doing both their clients and themselves a huge disservice.  They may feel it’s justified based solely on a monetary-based cost v. benefit analysis; and based on only that, they’ll employ specially trained sales staff to conduct the initial consultations whereby they concentrate on retaining the client rather than providing them with honest and quality legal advice and analysis.  This method overlooks all of the negative consequences that can and do result from this type of practice.  It is vitally important that an attorney be able to assess a new client’s situation at the very start in order to flush out every legally significant fact and every potential legal issue that may exist.  This is especially true as it pertains to being able to advise the clients on what actions they should and should not take in the time leading up to the filing of their bankruptcy cases.  Firms that over-simplify bankruptcy cases and fail to give much serious attention to the many issues that can arise in these situations are in no position to be providing legal advice at all and should not be trusted to represent one’s interests in bankruptcy Court.t

North Park Bankruptcy is not only aware of these considerations, we’ve built our practice around ensuring that we are by our client’s side at every stage of their case.  Our clients meet with an experienced attorney for their initial consultations, and that attorney handles every aspect of the case after that point as well.  This allows us to have every client’s case in the c focus of an experienced attorney at all times.  The attorney is in the best position to know when issues are likely to occur and can advise their clients accordingly and in a timely fashion; in a preventative manner. We actively stay in tune with our clients and it helps significantly in making sure that each client stays on track.

Furthermore, by limited each case to being handled by a single attorney who then has a key part in every stage of a client’s case, it allows the attorney to have as much knowledge of each case as is possible, and this leads to efficient and thorough representation allowing us to also ensure that at the same time, client needs are being met and goals sought and achieved and that those important aspects are never overlooked.

3. Close Personalized Care and Support:

One of the biggest issues with the way larger, high-volume firms operate is that they take on a lot of cases and specialize the tasks of their staff resulting in each client seemingly getting tossed between different staff-members depending on where their case is in the process; and many times; the process is too mechanical in nature for any single attorney or staff member to be in a close enough position to any single client to be able to offer them much in the way of customer care and support.  It’s certainly not a result of the attorney or staff not caring nor not wanting to provide such care and support; it’s the underlying business model of the high-volume firm; which simply does not provide sufficient resources to its attorneys and staff to be able to provide that level of care and support while also handling as large and fast paced caseloads as they do.

As is the case as any type of establishment gets bigger and busier; the quality of their customer care and support starts to decline. It was this particular issue that motivated North Park Bankruptcy to focus on providing something that was seldom seen; legal representation provided by an attorney with the same experience, knowledge, and knowhow of any of the experienced large-firm attorneys but provided to the client in a different environment altogether; one where the attorney could provide the level of customer care and support that is more likely needed in these types of legal situations.   In a small firm environment such as we have created at North Park Bankruptcy; we know our capacity and know we needn’t even get too close to it to operate sufficiently; and this leaves us ample opportunities to provide the additional attorney care and support that you simply cannot find at other firms of equal talent/quality of services.

4. Honest, Down-to-Earth, & Trustworthy:

Though it’s a characteristic we believe all attorneys should strive towards; the ability to provide our clients with straight-forward and honest legal advice, in a down-to-earth, matter of fact way while being completely devoid of judgment is important to us and it’s important to securing a healthy degree of trust, which is necessary in building a strong attorney/client relationship.  A client’s interests are best served by an attorney that is provided all of the legally relevant facts because it is our job to solve problems in light of facts that may very well indeed be against our client’s particular position.  It’s our job to achieve the end goals despite those facts existing against us; but if a client omits important information or fails to disclose a legally significant fact; we are not provided with the necessary tools to do our job and as a result, we are not in a position to fully represent our client’s interests in such situations.

Recognizing the importance of this as well as understanding when honest disclosure is most likely to occur; we know how important it is to both gain the immediate trust of our client but in immediately starting to build as strong an attorney/client relationship as possible. We know how such strong relationships further promote honesty and full disclosure; and these assist us in providing our clients superior legal representation.

5. Superior Problem Solving Skills

NPBK is a firm you can trust when you are looking for a legal representative that isn’t afraid to advocate your legal position aggressively and to the fullest extent of the law.  We practice law with an aggressive and innovative approach and do not back down in the face of opposition.  As advocates for our clients, it is our duty that we fight, utilizing every resource at our disposal to achieve a positive legal outcome for our clients that is consistent with and/or achieves client goals either in full or to the highest degree possible.

To advocate a client’s position to the fullest extent possible and to ensure that each and every desired outcome is reached and every client goal achieved it often requires a strong, determined approach to advocating our client’s position, including the need to utilize innovative ideas and practices, new legal interpretations, and any other legal weapon that we may have at our disposal. We must be masters of problem solving and have a vast library of knowledge and know how when it comes to what’s going to work and what’s not. We must always remain able to utilize every skill and resource we have every had access to and we must be trained and ready to really think outside the box and to put our specialized skills to action, including the development of new techniques, methods, legal arguments, and whatever more it may take to overcome any legal obstacle we may be faced with in our journey to achieve what our clients depend on us to achieve.

Attorney Todd A. Warshof and North Park Bankruptcy possess those vitally needed skills to represent our clients the the fullest extent of the law.  We provide experienced, aggressive, and innovative legal representation while never losing focus of each client’s indiividuals needs and goals.  We strive to help out clients reach not only a positive legal outcome in their cases, but ones in which their needs are always addressed and their goals have ultimately been reached.  When we have done this and we have exceeded our client’s expectations; only then can we say we have done our job.


We understand that each individual has their own set of values that come into play when choosing a legal professional to assist them in requesting relief under the US Bankruptcy Code. We’ve also been able to identify those particular components of legal representation that we feel are of significant importance and based on our experiences, we feel our clients would agree.  Accordingly, in an effort to provide our clients with the highest quality representation possible, we’ve made sure to incorporate these elements into our practice whenever possible.

What has enabled our firm to stand apart and above our competition is in the way in which we deliver our services and the corresponding confidence we instill in our clients in the process.  In addition to that, by offering our clients our superior legal services at a lower cost, we make our services available to those who need us the most.  We never lose focus of the individual client and this allows us to timely address their individual needs as we progress though the debt relief process together.  Furthermore, we never lose focus of the individual client’s goals and we don’t consider our jobs complete until we’ve not only obtained a favorable legal outcome in the client’s case, but have also assisted the client in reaching their goals in the process.

Below is an illustration of various components of legal representation that we feel are vital to quality legal representation in bankruptcy and debt-relief matters. Based on our years of experience, we feel our clients would agree.   Though We can’t speak for other attorneys or firms, we can say for certain that each of these components has been made an integral part of the superior legal representation our client’s receive at North Park Bankruptcy:



When you meet with any attorney or firm to determine whether they’d be the right legal representative for you, the following chart shows some of the many important attributes you should be looking for in a bankruptcy attorney.  This is not everything, of course, but this includes many of the most common things that should all be present: