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Todd A. Warshof
Attorney/Owner – North Park Bankruptcy

Attorney Todd A. Warshof is the owner/sole practicing attorney for North Park Bankruptcy (NPBK). He originally opened NPBK with the intent of providing fellow San Diego residents with a unique brand of legal services. Practicing under NPBK , he provides legal services of the highest quality and made possible as a result of his unique skill and extensive work experience and his efficient style of legal representation.  Not only does North Park Bankruptcy provide its clients Superior Legal Representation of the highest quality; these services are provided in a legal environment that promotes strong attorney/client relationships allowing close personalized attention and care to be afforded each individual client.  This special focus on customer service, seldom seen in the legal industry, allows every client to receive the attention they need; it ensures that client needs are timely addressed while keeping our focus on each client’s specific goals, making sure we help make them a reality. Due to our commitment to efficiency, we are able to provide our superior legal services at a superior price, one within reach of those who need us the most.



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Education/Background:  Todd A. Warshof was born and raised in a suburb of Rochester, NY where he graduated high school in 1995. He subsequently attended the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (UB) and after graduating in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing; he then relocated to San Diego to attend Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  While in law school, Mr. Warshof excelled in his legal studies, finishing most semesters ranked between 2nd to 5th among his class. Mr. Warshof graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in December, 2003; graduating magna cum laude and finishing within the top 5% of his graduating class, thereafter obtaining his Jurist Doctorate (JD) Degree.  After passing the California Bar Exam on his first attempt, he was officially admitted to the State Bar of California and licensed to practice law in California as of November, 2004. He has since been admitted to practice in the Southern, Central, Eastern, and Northern Federal Districts of California.

Attorney Todd A. Warshof has been representing Southern California residents in consumer bankruptcy cases and other miscellaneous debt-relief matters since being first admitted to practice law in California over 10 years ago and has now successfully assisted well over 2,500 clients in utilizing the United States Bankruptcy Code in eliminating upwards of half a billion dollars of debt! Having practiced for over six (6) years in high volume, fast-paced, and large-firm environments and having spent the remaining four or more (4+) years of his career in private practice; Attorney warshof brings a uniquely fresh and balanced perspective to modern bankruptcy and debt-relief legal practice; one that is able to equally focus on both the law as well as the client.

His mission in opening North Park Bankruptcy was to utilize his knowledge, knowhow, and extensive legal experience to offer his fellow San Diego neighbors superior legal representation provided with superior client support and care while maintaining close, personalized focus on each individual client and their cases and being able to offer these superior services at a superior price; charging less than competing firms.  Through a concentration towards maximizing efficiency in our operations, we’ve been able to pass these savings onto our client without any risk to the quality of our services. We are happy and proud to be able to provide our community with something of such significant value.

Unmatched Experience/Extraordinary Skill: Due to Attorney Warshof’s unrivaled work experience that includes over 6 years in high-volume bankruptcy practice handling large, diverse, and face-paced caseloads of bankruptcy and debt relief matters for several of the largest consumer Bankruptcy law firms in San Diego, working for over 2 1/2 years as the managing attorney for one of North San Diego County’s busiest consumer bankruptcy law offices, and having practiced for over 4 years as a solo practitioner prior to starting his North Park Bankruptcy firm;  Attorney Warshof has developed an extremely unique and balanced perspective as it regards practically every aspect of consumer bankruptcy practice imaginable.  For many years, he successfully handled one of the largest and most diverse caseloads of any single San Diego County attorney still currently in practice, and over his career has handled cases giving rise to an extremely wide range of legal issues.

Accomplished Expertise/Unrivaled Efficiency: While in practice for one of the largest consumer bankruptcy and debt-relief law firms in San Diego; Mr. Warshof was consistently one of the top filers of consumer bankruptcy cases quarter-after-quarter for several consecutive years.  This significant level of non-stop, fast-paced experience while successfully handling such an extremely diverse caseload covering such a wide-range of factual situations and legal issues has provided Mr. Warshof with extensive bankruptcy and debt-relief knowledge and knowhow. Having handled such a wide-array of cases, it is now an extremely rare occurrence for Mr. Warshof to be presented with a matter involving a factual situation or legal issue that he has not already successfully handled numerous times before.  As a result; Attorney Warshof and his North Park Bankruptcy firm possess both the knowledge and the knowhow with respects to handling practically any bankruptcy and/or debt-relief matter, including having both superior experience and legal insight in knowing what legal strategies to utilize and when as well as knowing which legal strategies are best to avoid in particular situations.  North Park Bankruptcy provides its clients with superior legal skill and expertise and does so in the most efficient possible ways.

Our clients will attest to our proven abilities: For the last several years snce “Bankruptcy Law” was first added as a category; Attorney Todd A. Warshof has consistently been voted among the top 3 bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego according to the Union Tribune’s annual “San Diego’s Best” reader’s poll. To view both current and past winners, see the following:

Attorney Todd A. Warshof

Attorney Todd A. Warshof

Owner/Attorney - North Park Bankrutpcy

Currently operating North Park Bankruptcy in the City of San Diego which provides San Diego residents with superior legal services at an amazing value; Attorney Warshof and NPBK are proud to be able to pass on savings to their clients realized from their dedication and focus on maximizing efficiency in the practice of law.  North Park Bankruptcy is happy to be in the position that allows them to pass these savings on to their clients without any risk to the quality of the services that they provide. North Park Bankruptcy provides superior legal representation.  We are able to do so based on our unique combination of the most beneficial components of various law firm environments while taking additional measures to avoid all unwanted attributes as well

Attorney Todd A. Warshof’s introduction to Bankruptcy Law 

Attorney Warshof began his legal career in bankruptcy roughly six months prior to the major overhaul of the bankruptcy laws in 2005 when Congress enacted the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention & Consumer Protection Act, otherwise known as BAPCPA, which went into effect as of October 17, 2005.  Due to fears that these new bankruptcy laws would thereafter significantly hinder the average person’s ability to seek relief under bankruptcy law; there were extremely large numbers of cases being filed in the months leading up to the change in law.  Mr. Warshof was able to secure an attorney position at what was at the time, San Diego’s largest and busiest consumer bankruptcy law firm, thereafter having to hit the ground running in order to absorb as much of the law as quickly as possible. These circumstances provided Mr. Warshof with an excellent opportunity to learn the practice and to obtain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the newly enacted laws, which is a unique perspective that would be lost with attorneys beginning their practice in bankruptcy only after the enactment of BAPCPA.

Bankruptcy practice, the early years.

Attorney Warshof spent his very first six months in the practice of law at the very forefront of one of the most active areas of the law at the time and with absolutely no time to waste.  He was just one in a small handful of attorneys handling San Diego’s largest caseload of Chapter 7 cases during the most active period of time in bankruptcy law in years. Between just two other attorneys, Attorney Warshof and his fellow associates handled between 200 to 400 Chapter 7 cases PER MONTH for the three or four months leading up to the Change in Bankruptcy laws.

Having exposure to such a large and diverse caseload, and handling cases that gave rise to what was likely a larger array of legal issues than some attorneys may see in their entire careers; Attorney Warshof was provided the very rare opportunity to set, very early on in his career,  an extremely wide-reaching and thorough foundation in bankruptcy knowledge and know-how that he would continue to build upon throughout the years, eventually possessing what is arguably unmatched hands-on, practical legal experience, knowledge, and know-how in consumer bankruptcy matters.

As soon as October 17, 2005 appeared, bankruptcy filings suddenly came to a screeching hault. Nonetheless; Mr. Warshof and his fellow associates continued to handle the over 1200 active bankruptcy cases that had just previously been filed, including one particular day of note; where the Firm represented every single debtor on a full day’s 341(a) Meeting of Creditors calendar; Mr. Warshof therefore having to attend and represent debtors at roughly 85 back-to-back 341(a) meetings; non-stop from 8am to 5pm. There are many bankruptcy attorneys who won’t find themselves appearing at as many such meetings in an entire year.

The living and evolving nature of Bankruptcy Law

One of the true pleasures of practicing in bankruptcy law specifically and especially immediately subsequent to a major, wide-reaching change in the laws, is that you are provided what is in essence, a blank canvas for advocating particular interpretations of the law.  The overall state of the law in these types of situations is that it is very much alive, fluid, and constantly evolving and this provides almost endless opportunities for lawyers to involve themselves far beyond the surface, it allows them to actively mold the law in support of and for the benefit of their clients, both current and in the future.

For another six months after BAPCPA went into effect, Attorney Warshof practiced for this same firm during which time he handled what was likely one of the largest ongoing caseloads governed by the newly enacted laws. This not only provided him with an immediate and significant level of experience and knowledge regarding how the Courts were handling all the new issues and situations that resulted as a result of the change in laws, but arguably even more importantly, it provided him with ample opportunities to test the waters himself with new ideas and legal interpretations, arguments, and strategies;  providing him not only confidence early on in his abilities to persuade the Bankruptcy Trustee’s and the Court to adopt his legal positions, but fueling the continuation and refining of this type of innovative and aggressive approach to legal representation, an approach that would allow him to represent the interests of his clients in ways far exceeding what most attorneys were doing at the time.